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We are a group of passionate designers and developers who strive to create complete business solutions

Web Design


We help you innovate your business using our expertise and proficiency which runs across a plethora of industries. We develop customized applications to suit your business requirements with a guarantee of high quality.

Web Design


Providing SaaS solutions to customers is our forte. We offer services for various business functions designed to provide user friendly, highly flexible, scalable and quality solutions

Web Design


Todays marketplace is highly competitive and demanding. Stay ahead by bridging the gap between data and business insights using our data analytics and consulting services.

Web Design

Web Design

We at iTabs provide customers with creative, brand-driven, customizable and product-focused web designing solutions.

Recent Projects

Applicant Tracking System

PEPPER is a software application which helps in recruiting candidates more efficiently. It has the ability to sort and organize countless applications, assist management of resumes and applicant information. There are many more features that enable the selection and hiring process to be carried out smoothly. 60% of companies depend on ATS for recruitment with a successful profit rate. It’s time to go live with Pepper and get the best!

Fleet Management

Business across all sectors are operating on reduced profit margins due mainly to increased competition and higher operating costs. The way to gain significant competitive advantage over your rivals is to implement a Fleet Management System. By using our application, you will see immediate cost savings, increase in profits and greater customer satisfaction.

Sales Channel Incentives

Sales Channel Incentives application is designed to boost your sales programs by connecting your distributors and sales associates. Calculate commissions and bonuses for your agents with an integrated payment process. Analytical Reports accelerates better decision making and provides insights into channels and agents performance and growth.

Risk and Auditing Application

Risk and Auditing Application system aids audit managers and professionals with comprehensive, up-to-date resources to ensure compliance, and obtain guidance on key regulatory issues. It includes applicability tables, General audit applicability checklist, Pre-Audit Preparation items, practical score sheets, guide notes, case studies, dos and don’ts checklists, question and answer format, and expert interpretive commentary.

Client satisfaction is our priority

We have been working with iTabs for over 10 years. The team is extremely reliable and knowledgeable and we wouldn't be able to finish our product without their help. I highly recommend them.

Benjamin (Client)

iTabs has provided excellent service for us for several years. The level of commitment in understanding our application requirements has been outstanding and I can always count on them when time is of essence.

Tonya (Client)

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